Software & Database Development

Who We Are

Our Story

We are an innovative company who specialises in software development and integration services that provide our clients with competitive advantages. We are based in Hamilton but our clients are nationwide. Distance is not an issue.

We have been around. Webedge was formed by Gavin Dixon in 2007. He has a huge amount of experience working in the IT industry since 1988 for a wide range of companies including The Bank of England, Apple, British Aerospace and some of New Zealand’s best known brands.

He has the knowledge and experience to create software systems that will help you gain a competitive advantage.

Why webEDGE?

  • We team with a trusted group of strategic partners and can choose the right skill set for your particular requirements.
  • You will deal directly with the Director rather than a big team or sales staff. This means you get direct input into your development with no miscommunications and no expensive mistakes. We design your best solution for the right price.
  • This is what we do and it is all we do. We don’t design websites and we don’t run networks. We build clever software applications which meet your exact requirements.
  • Client relationships are strong as we understand your business.
  • As overheads are low we can develop the kind of software that you would expect from a much larger software company but much more affordable.
  • We build you scalable and easy to use systems using the latest Microsoft technologies.