Software & Database Development

Is This You?

We meet business owners. Common issues we see:

  • They have unique requirements – they find that “off the shelf options” doesn’t do all that they want it to do.
  • Costs involved with integration – inadequate integration results in duplication of information and maintaining multiple systems – productivity nightmare!
  • They have outgrown excel spreadsheets they designed a few years ago and paper based systems.
  • They struggle to get good visibility across the business to track sales, stock levels, staff hours, returns and other information to make better decisions.

When should you consider customised software development?

An off the shelf product can appear more affordable, faster alternative to custom software. Most companies find this is not the case and off the shelf software does not meet ALL their requirements. Examples of where customised software is more suitable include:

  • You have unique requirements and operations. For example, your system needs to be integrated with multiple users such as customers and suppliers.
  • Hidden costs of integration – A common issue we see with off the shelf products is insufficient integration. Inadequate integration results in staff having to enter and maintain information in multiple systems – productivity nightmare!
  • You need a system that can grow with your business. Off the shelf software doesn’t have the flexibility to expand and doesn’t meet your specific requirements.
  • You would like a COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE. A customised system means you can outperform your competition!

The software we develop will be EASY to use and meet your exact requirements.