Software & Database Development

What We Do

Experts at developing automated software systems for small to large companies.

Customised Sofware Development.

Companies need business software solutions that meets their unique requirements which cannot be effectively addressed by off the shelf software products.

If you want to work smarter come and see us so that we can:

  • Review your business processes and see where we can automate as much as possible leading to greater efficiency, increased accuracy of information and actions.
  • Work with your budget and keep adding more features as your needs change.
  • Develop exactly what you want using the latest Microsoft technologies.
  • Help you obtain a competitive advance and outperform your competition with customised software.

Systems Integration.

You don’t have to throw out your existing software. We can link your different software systems so they are connected allowing you to work faster and smarter.

We have been busy recently integrating Xero and other software accounting packages to our clients existing software saving them time and helping them get ahead faster.

If you want to automate your work flow as much as possible come and see us.

Database Development.

If you want to manage data smarter, centralise information, have information available on demand and have intelligent reporting tools come and talk to us.

Many businesses have a mixture of ad hoc files such as excel and word to store and manage information related to different aspects of the business. With a web based system you can access information on demand.

We design and build databases that centralise and organise your information and meets your exact requirements. Automated notifications through email or SMS can watch for certain risks action or opportunities to inform you to take action. For example, you will be notified when a new user has signed up.

“When you measure your performance, you can manage it and improve it”