Software & Database Development

We specialise in software & database development and integration services that meet your EXACT requirements

Customised Software

We develop customised software that gives you the EDGE. Companies need software that fit their unique requirements

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Database Development

We can build a database to centralise and organize your information

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Integration Services

We specialize in integration services so that your different software packages are linked together

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We are on a mission to develop software systems
that help you work smarter

Are your systems seamless?

Are all your software packages linked together or are you still having to switch between packages? Is there a double entry of information? Imagine not having to skip between several applications emails and spreadsheets every time you need to carry out a routine task or retrieve data.

Systems integration can automate the flow of information between software applications. Work smarter with efficient systems.

Are you wasting time on trivial tasks?

A lot of mundane tasks could be automated by customised software to fit your exact requirements. Are you entering date twice? How much time could automation save you?

Would you like a competitive advantage?

There is incredible potential for customised software to improve the productivity of every employee.

Need a quoting system?

Do you have specific requirements for your quoting needs? Do you need a system that will allow you to produce complex and accurate quotes in minimal time and match your exact requirements?

Do you still use excel spreadsheets or access databases to store information?

Are you fed up with macros that fail and stop working like you want them to?

Want to increase your company’s value?

Having strong software infrastructure is viewed as a great advantage by investors.