Justin Bieber Rolex FeverAs Justin Bieber coasts down a short route to a rehab stint, we've been seeing more and more with the diaper-pants wearing former teen idol/developing E! True Hollywood story. And when we started to spot some familiar (watch) faces on his tiny wrists, we did a little analysis. Note you can find couple replica patek philippe of points more depressing than stalking Instagram to seek out an 18 year old's shot of his $10k watch captioned using the title of a Nick Jr. cartoon. Readers, we do this so you don't need to.

best TAG Heuer replica watches by way of Instagram, captioned "Rolly Polly Olly". This Rolex, as documented by quite a few Bieber fan sites, was Justin's initial foray in to the luxury watch planet (he previously rocked a Casio G-Shock). While JB chose an editorial black and white filter to class up his Rolex/ Louis Vuitton monogram belt combo best rolex replica sites , this watch appears to become the yellow gold champagne dial Day Date with diamond markers. Given Justin's propensity towards yellow gold and expense best TAG Heuer replica , we're virtually certain this is YG. Justin's subsequent Rolex acquisition: matching friendship Rolexes for himself bestie "Lil Twist. "

Due to the fact all correct bromances can only be solidified with diamonds, Bieber snapped up per day Date II with Presidential bracelet (kid loves Day Dates). by way of Instagram, captioned "@justinbieber@LastKingmm @Liltwist IcyLife pieces never have to have lamps and bright halogen lights to make it shine, our shit shines from a distance and inside the dam dark. " It really is worth mentioning that this dial does not have Luminova so technically he can't see it in the dark, regardless of the diamonds . A diamond bezel, diamond numerals along with the presidential bracelet are amazing no matter who wears them, and whilst Justin really should likely have some links removed, the watch nevertheless shows off the handiwork of EJ the Jeweler. Also worth noting your teenage daughters, sisters and pals purchased Justin this watch.
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